D-Day in Dingle/An Daingean/Daingean Uí­ Chúis

Dingle An Daingean I was just down at the Hillgrove Hotel in Dingle/An Daingean/Daingean Ui Chuis, where they are counting the ballots from the plebiscite regarding the name change.

Dingle Vote Name

It would seem by the piles that the Tá/Yes votes will comfortable win it, although we will have to wait for the final tally.

The turn-out was very high, with 1080 votes cast out of just over 1200.

I think the final count will be done around 2:00, but the concensus on the ground is that it’s just a question at this stage of how big the victory will be for the Tá/Yes camp, which means (very unofficially at this early stage) the people have spoken up for Dingle/Daingean Uí­ Chúis as the official name…

Added 16:00: Here’s the final breakdown as I have been given it – 1095 voted out of 1224. 20 ballots were spoiled, 70 voted “Nil/No,” and 1005 voted “Tá/Yes.” So it’s a resounding win for the “Tá/Yes” or Dingle/Daingean Uí Chuis camp…

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