Bank Holiday and Ice Cream

Mint Scoop I looked over my last posts, and I couldn’t help noticing that there was very little ice cream in them, so I’ve decided that at least I should post a few photos of the tasty stuff. It’s in great demand at the moment with the sun blazing down and the tourists streaming into Kerry, and if you’re heading this way, maybe it will get your taste buds going…

Chocolate ConeI’ll add a recipe over the weekend if at all possible. With the bank holiday weekend, the shops will be very busy, especially in this fine weather, and it could be that I’ll be too busy scooping and running around keeping the whole thing ticking over.

I’ve talked earlier about the Leica digital camera that I bought, and it was the best 700 euro investment I’ve made in a while.

It’s amazing to be able to produce reasonable images for a variety of purposes, from menus to posters, etc.

With a bit of photo paper and a laminator, it’s easy enough to do a variety of basic marketing applications, and it’s great not to have to go through the expense of bringing in a photographer for every shot.

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2 thoughts on “Bank Holiday and Ice Cream

  1. Have you looked into setting up in Cork at all? We spent a futile saturday afternoon traipsing around Patrick St recently looking for some ice cream for the kiddies and some coffee for us. Ended up having pizza instead 🙁

  2. Sorry about that! The problem we see with Cork is that it shuts down at 5:30. So much of our trade is late, and it would seem difficult to pay the huge rents in the city.

    Still, we have a lot of family there, so you never know…

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