Not a Cow Town

Thinking it might help the holiday spirit of Christmas in Killarney and bring a bit of craic to Main Street, we decided to transport our talking cow to that fine town and put her in our outside seating area. I think she kind of looks fetching in her Santa hat. A proper Christmas cow!

Anyway, within hours, the Killarney U.D.C told us we had to remove her or they would impound her. We begged them to reconsider, which they did. However, their answer hasn’t changed. We must remove our cow from outside our shop immediately.

Killarney, apparently, is not the kind of town that would let a cow (even a fiberglass one) besmirch their hallowed paving stones. Buskers with rows of dancing leprechauns is fine, but we cannot put a cow in a seating area we have paid for. Go figure.

Not that I really mind the dancing leprechauns. With the country falling to pieces around us, I think people need a bit of cheer and a bit of humour. I thought our cow brought both. Killarney U.D.C. does not agree.

UPDATE (Monday):

Killarney told us today they would impound our cow by 2:00 if we didn’t move it. After we rang, they said we had until the end of the day.

What’s mad about this, is that there’s icy roads and moving it isn’t so easy.

Is it possible they don’t have anything better to do, such as clear roads, than to arrest a Christmas cow???

UPDATE2 (Monday):

Killarney Town Council has just said they might reconsider and let us keep her for the market. Fingers crossed!

Need to Run off an Ice Cream?

For those of you who like to run, there has been a road race, the  Killarney Maxi Marathon, announced for Killarney, to take place on July 17th. The route looks spectacular, so it could be the perfect way to whet the appetite for some ice cream! If you want to run for charity, the official charity partner is the Marie Keating Foundation.

Our New Resident Busker?

I was in Killarney this morning, and I took this photo of a new busker who has appeared in the alley just beside our shop. I was most impressed, since I play a bit of fiddle myself, but I’ve never seen a violin-trumpet! I think he said he made the instrument himself, but his English isn’t great, and I might have misunderstood.

Still, it’s a fun addition to the street and much more enjoyable in my eyes than the usual dancing leprechauns!

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Torchlight Children’s Parade in Killarney

Santa2 Killarney really knows how to do Christmas celebrations, and the people of the town put in an tremendous effort to make the events happen. The annual torchlight children’s parade, that wound its way through town last night, is my highlight.

There were hundreds of kids taking part and lining the streets, and of course Santa made an appearance, complete with motorcycle escort.

ParadeIt’s great to have a Christmas even that is not connected to shopping, and it’s a way of making the whole season really special for children. The abundant joy of all taking part was amazing to see, especially in these depressed times.

Every Irish town should have one!

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Dancing in Killarney
Summerfest is on in Killarney, and last night Cassandra and Sinnan from our Killarney shop got into the spirit of the Street Performing competition with this little dance.

I must admit I took some liberties editing in the people applauding at the end, but I applaud our two dancers, anyway!

PS. Happy 4th of July to all our US friends!

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A Special Day

kerrystars5 Today, I was in Killarney as the Special Olympics Torch arrived. We had been contacted by the Kerry Stars, our local branch, and we were happy to offer help.

kerrystars2We’ll be raising money for them over the weekend, in both our Dingle and Killarney shops, offering a free extra scoop of ice cream and asking for a donation in return. So far, our customers have been generous, and we hope our little effort helps make things a bit easier for the organisers.

Today, as the Olympians arrived into town, surrounded by a phalanx of volunteers, the crowd wasn’t anyway as big as it should have been. We were there, handing out ice cream, along with maybe 30 other people.

We have been involved with a few things having to do with people with intellectual disabilties – Camphill, which is well worth checking out, and of course the Special Olympics when they were held in Ireland. Each time I meet them I feel graced, as I did today, when I watched the torch come up New Street and saw the joy of the athletes. Each time, even if I’m handing our ice cream, I feel that I’m the lucky one for our meeting – that I’ve been given a little give of love.

kerrystars3There was lots of that this afternoon, and I have to give full credit to the Gardai, who have clearly invested a lot in the Special Olympics, and their involvement was great to see.

Today was a good day.

By the way, for anyone interested, there’s a brilliantly-written Irish blog I’ve been reminded of again, by a Down’s dad, called “Our Jacob.

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A Day on the Water

Yesterday was such a perfect day in Kerry – sunny and mild, and I took the day off and spent it on and around the water, starting in Dingle with taking the boat around the bay and out to see Fungie, the Dingle dolphin, and ending in Killarney at the National Park, relaxing in the sun and watching the birds. It was one of those days that made me so grateful to be living in this part of the world!

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Kerry Lodgings Top Tripadvisor

Killarney with Snow Mountains It’s fantastic to see Kerry guesthouses doing so well on Tripadvisor. Of the top five hotels, based on guest ratings, four are in Kerry. Loch Lein Country House tops the list, followed by Killeen House – both are in Killarney. Heaton’s and Castlewood House also make the top five.

Of the top B & Bs and guesthouses,  Emlagh House in Dingle and Friars Glen in Killarney are in the top five.

Good to know that we’re still able to extend Kerry hospitality and have it appreciated!

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