A Few Go Out, a Few Come In

 One of the trickiest parts of our business is the following conflict/contradiction:

People always want new ice cream flavours, but they also hate losing flavours they like.

We’re always asked what’s new, and at the same time we’re asked constantly to bring back ice creams we’ve made, sometimes ten years ago – “Would you ever make more of that licorice and vodka ice cream I loved so much?” Some of the flavours are really best left relegated to the ice cream dust bin of history (in some cases that’s where most of the batch ended up anyway, since so few people liked it). In other cases, we do bring back flavours, such as coffee (below), at least on a temporary basis, if there is enough clamour.

In any case, this is just a lead in to the fact that we’re going to change four flavours very soon, so get them while you can! Two of them (sea salt and burnt caramel) have really resonated with many customers. However, it’s time to freshen things up a bit, so here’s what’s going to happen:

Out: Sea salt, burnt caramel, Kilbeggan whiskey, mango sorbet.

In: Real lavender, caramelised honey, lemon sorbet, coffee.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new flavours, and if you really, really miss the ones we’re removing, let me know…

16 thoughts on “A Few Go Out, a Few Come In

  1. Good stuff. I love new tastings and I am sure everyone will appreciate the new flavours. If you were do do the same flavours all the time, then you might get bored :-0

  2. Hurray! I remember when you had the honey lavender:
    I bet the new caramalised honey and the real lavender will taste great as a two scoop serving!

    And both lemon sorbet and coffe must be my top favorites! Wish I were there!

  3. I’ve really enjoyed sea salt ice cream this summer, and will do my best to get a scoop before it goes! But I’m DELIGHTED to see coffee on the ‘in’ list: I’ve been thinking it would go great with the kerry cream!

    – Aideen

  4. I LOVE Sea Salt and Whiskey, I was so sad they were gone!!! Whiskey and Dark chocolate was the best combo I ever made! and Sea salt went so well with everything!

    I tried the new lavender and coffee today and Coffee should definitely be one of your staples, but the lavender tasted too much like Kerry cream. I would add a ripple of fruit flavour to it. I would love to try that Lavender and Honey flavour though!! bring that back!

    Can’t wait to try Lemon and honey !!! Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks so much Gillian! I really appreciate the feedback. Lavender’s a hard one, since it get’s really perfumey if you add too much. We’ve strengthened it a bit and would love to know what you think!

  6. Real lavender, sounds nice. Would be hands (and easy to do) if you includes all your flavours and let people on the blog vote for their favourate. Or a list of all potential flavours and use the top three every month as an internet pick. Handy free marketing. Am a huge fan of querky flavours.

  7. Hi,
    I’ve had some dark chocolate on Culture Night and it was absolutely delicious. The best there is. I was looking for a second flavour to combine it with and I chose Bailey’s. Is there any chance of having some pistachio ice cream sometime in the future?
    I also bought some 85% chocolate as I understand it is made from Valrhona couverture in France. I really like very dark chocolate and I was very happy to have found it. Can you tell us more about the chocolate bars? It doesn’t taste like Abinao, but better and it is not bitter at all. I haven’t found any information about them on the blog or site.
    thank you

  8. I’m so delighted you liked the chocolate! Yes, the chocolate is Valrhona, and I’m not exactly sure which the 85% is. They make them in clear plastic wrap. I’ll try to find out. We do make pistachio from time to time. Perhaps we’re overdue!

  9. We were in Dublin in June and went to the new shop up from Stephen’s Green and we were delighted to find Murphy’s. Best ice cream ever! (and we consider ourselves afficionados). The sea salt was amazing and I’m sad to see it is going to be “out” soon. Can’t figure out how I can get it here in the U.S. before it’s gone! But next summer we’ll be over and we’ll try the new flavors — they sound intriguing and tasty.
    Thanks for the great treat.

  10. Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving the lovely comment! I’d say, given all the requests, that sea salt will have to make a come back!

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