The Goat and the Girl

Una with Goat Today I had to go out to our shop at Tig Aine in Graig, which is between Dún Chaoin and Ballyferriter on Slea Head Drive. I brought my little niece Una, since she is quite enamoured with the animals about the place.

Una Feeding Goat

Aine, the owner of the premises, has ducks, chickens and a goat, and it’s the goat that really makes Una excited. Up until now, she was a bit nervous of it, but today she made friends by feeding it the teddy wafer from her ice cream cone.

One forgets just how exciting animals are to children. Forget TV or video games – if you really want to give a little girl a bit of excitement, find a friendly goat, keep a careful eye on things, and enjoy the thrill it is for her…

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