A Quiet(ish) Wren

It was a quiet Wren’s Day in Dingle, without the huge crowds we’ve seen over the last few years.

I don’t know if that’s a sign of the times, but in many ways it made the day more special.

It was more about the music and the marching, and less about the onlookers.

For us, out on the march, there was the added benefit that there was no problem getting into pubs on the way and ordering drink.

There were also special moments, such as up at the Dingle hospital, the last resting place of Peig. It’s a usual stop for the wrens, and playing music in the wards is one of the highlights of the day (video below). This year, it had special poignancy since there’s a new retirement home being built, and this will be the last tour of the old hospital, which goes back to famine times, for the wren.

Here’s the John Street Wren in the hospital:


Here’s the John Street Wren outside our shop on Strand Street:


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One thought on “A Quiet(ish) Wren

  1. Looks like a neat day! Your post is very timely.
    I was just researching the link between St. Stephen
    and Wren Day. I posted a little about St. Stephen
    on my blog, but nothing as of yet about Wren day.

    I really enjoyed your informative post with links.

    Have a Happy New years!!


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