Ice Cream Bling in Japan

 I’m off to Japan in a couple of weeks, joining a Bord Bia food tour (life could be worse!)

In researching ice cream there, I came across a Japanese outfit, q-pot, who make jewelry in the shape of ice cream and other sweets, as well as sweet-themed accessories, including Chocolate ipod cases!!! (photo right).

I think I’ll have to stop in!

By the way, if anyone has any tips for ice cream in Japan, ice cream of the edible kind, I’d be most eager to hear them! 

In fact, any tips would be welcome…

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6 thoughts on “Ice Cream Bling in Japan

  1. From my daughter who is studying Japan
    (she wants to teach english there)….
    Don’t eat while walking.
    Don’t wear your shoes inside.
    Don’t blow your nose in public.
    Don’t wear the toilet shoes provided
    outside the toilet room. LOL!
    Do go to Ramon bars.
    Do check out the castles and shrines.
    Do say “Arigato Gozaimasu” when wanting
    to say Thank you.
    Do Have a great time and give us all the details!!

    Have a great trip
    ~kimme & Amanda

  2. Just back in Japan now for Christmas & the new year!
    It would be a great news if my mother could get Murphy’s ice cream at home near future!

    Try to eat ‘Shiratama Cream Annmitus’ in Mihashi, if you stay in Japan, which is our traditional sweet with azuki-paste, beans, rice-flour dumplings(shiratama), agar blocks and ice cream!

    By the way, The Taoiseach is coming to Japan next week too, not for ice cream though…!
    Enjoy the culture gap and tell us how you like there!!

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