Times are Tough

 It’s always upsetting to me when I see children begging, and my friends in NY used to mock me for being a soft touch, since I always gave money. In Killarney, I came across this girl on the street, but as I was reaching into my pocket, I noticed something remarkable.

What a begging bowl! I couldn’t believe it, and as I reached for my camera, my head filled with existential branding questions.

Why would she choose our tub, or was it just handy?

Did she feel that people might think she was just a few pennies short of a scoop?

I stood there and tried to figure out whether I should offer her a different cup or whether I should drop in some money.

In the end, I did neither and just let her be.

9 thoughts on “Times are Tough

  1. Given that most people prefer to avert their eyes from people begging, I doubt they would ever even have noticed the cup. I honestly don’t understand the angle you are coming from on this. Even if people did notice the cup, what effect could it possibly have on your brand any more than, say, an obese person walking along eating your ice cream.

  2. I agree with le craic, I can’t understand your thoughts on this either and since you took her photo you should have given her some money.

  3. Fair enough, Le Craic. My head, it would appear was simply working overtime. As I said, kids begging really touches a nerve with me – maybe in my mind symbolic of what’s wrong in the world on so many different levels and in so many different places around the globe. I guess that’s why I found the juxtoposition jarring since we try so very hard to counteract gloom, spread cheer and make people feel a bit better with our treats. I guess by that logic, though, Joan is right, and I should have definitely given something.

  4. I’m a bit surprised that you call yourself a “soft touch” and you still took her picture most likely without her permission and posted it to your site without even giving her anything. How do you get to “soft touch”, especially in the holiday season?

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