All I want for Christmas…

 I certainly have the toy I want for Christmas, and it’s not even December. That photo above is our brand new chocolate tempering machine. It’s a chocoholic’s dream.

The machine takes the bother out of tempering chocolate so that you can melt and form chocolate that it is glossy and has a good snap. It’s possible to temper by hand, but this is much easier.

Needless to say, there’s lots we can do with tempered chocolate, from decorations for ice cream cakes to making our own chocolate chips.

I must run now, the chocolate is melting!

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3 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas…

  1. Now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor, I can try to comment coherently.

    That is an incredible picture. I know that if I ws to touch one of those chunks of chocolate it would just spill forth with melted chocolate. I love chocolate when it is melted, yet hasn’t realised it yet and thus still holding its shape. Fabulous.

  2. Sounds like a yummy and wonderful gift for Christmas!
    I love stuff like that too!

    This year I want a cottage for Christmas…but isn’t that
    all I have been writing about on my blog this year. LOL!
    Well, I think Santa has been hit by the poor economy, so I
    I will ask for more knitting gear….I have a better chance
    getting it! 🙂

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