I hate to bring politics onto these ice cream pages, but I feel I must write a few lines just expressing the relief and hope for the future after last night’s election results in the US.

As someone born in NY, I was raised on hope and dreams – that people can make a difference, that one can succeed in life on merit, that the U.S. is fundamentally good. There have been serious questions  raised about all of those under the out-going administration. 

I don’t believe by any stretch that all problems will be solved with Obama as President, but I do feel this election will bring about real change in terms of what people (both in- and outside the US) believe is achievable, and that is a very, very good start.

4 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Thanks for speaking up. I need to put a post up on my blog, but I’m still reeling a bit about it. As someone who voted for President-Elect Obama yesterday afternoon, the historic nature of this event is not lost on me. It’s a remarkable time to be alive. I just hope that all the positive energy continues to be sent his way, as well as the way of the Houses of Congress. Change needs to happen and quickly.

    OK. I’m done on my soapbox. By the way, I made some fantastic light coconut milk based ice cream recently, sweetened with agave nectar. Super easy, very rich and lovely stuff.

  2. I am still pinching myself!! When I watched Obama’s acceptance speech on Tuesday night, I was reminded of two great men (and orators) from our history – Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.
    We can now all truly be proud that the United States is a country based on a grand idea!
    I am grateful to the world for their well wishes for our country and the hope that it can someday be great again.

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