Chocolate in Temple Bar

 For those of you lucky enough to be in or around Dublin, there’s a chocolate festival on in Temple Bar the 25th-27th July. How I wish I could be there! I’d bring along some of our chocolate sorbet… More details here.

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4 thoughts on “Chocolate in Temple Bar

  1. Saturday’s chocolate carnival was more than disappointing. (Pity, you weren’t there with some chocolate delights.) Only 1 stand (Chez Emily’s), among the usual vegetable etc. stand, selling chocolate. I expected more of a carnival athmosphere, to be honest. Managed to buy some lovely plump garlics instead 🙂 I know, we should have gone there today, to meet more of the chocolate makers, but today we were busy enjoying the Bray Airshow instead. Maybe next time.

  2. you should have come sunday! it was a great atmosphere with lots of producers there, very busy though. already planning next year’s market (possibly in the autumn to avoid the freak summer sunshine!) which will be bigger and better with places to sit and enjoy the wares!

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