Kerry Weather Report and the IIA

Eating Ice Cream I joked in my last post from rainy Barcelona about having to come back to Ireland for the sun, but I was right! People lucky enough to have come down to Kerry for the June Bank Holiday weekend have found a good deal of sunshine and summer weather, and tomorrow is supposed to bring more of the same.

It’s really busy in town, so I don’t have time to write much. I have to get back to the shop to scoop ice cream!

However, I need a bit of advice needed from those of you up on the technical scene in Ireland – I have been invited to join a “Social Media Working Group” formed by the IIA to “support businesses in the development of strategies for engaging with social media, including blogging, social networking, community sites, RSS, tagging, and podcasts.” It was the first I had heard of them. What do you think? Would such thing be worthwhile? I’d appreciate any insights…

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  1. Kieran,

    Ok, so I’m not up on the Ireland based “techie” scene. I am however sure, that a “S.M.W.G.” would be great for other businesses although not in your sector to benefit from your knowledge and insight on such things. You in turn would have the ancillary benefit of learning something from others who practice forms of social media.

    You may find some other ways of communicating to your customers in a way they find more appealing. It may have been the first you have heard of them, however I am sure it will not be the last. I am thinking at the very least it would be a great opportunity to meet up with some other like minded people whom you could exchange ideas with and see where “social media” is headed. Riding the wave so to speak.

    There is only one small downside I see in having checked out IIA, it doesn’t seem to have as it’s membership a lot of Mfg’s. It has some large internet based companies, as well as financials and the like. Maybe this is a good thing. See how larger companies use it, and find a way to adapt it to your business.

    With regards to traditional media, think of this as one small way of being able to…”stick it to the man”. If not now, maybe sometime in the future…
    Have a Happy Blog!

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