Tips for Barcelona?

I’m sneaking off tomorrow for a week in Barcelona. I haven’t been there in a long while, so if anyone has any tips in terms of where to eat, where to find the best hot chocolate, best ice cream, or best anything, I’d love to hear them!

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11 thoughts on “Tips for Barcelona?

  1. Coffee wise, check out Il Magnifico and chocolate wise check out Xocoa, both located near Basilica Santa Maria del Mar. A google search should give you the exact address.

    Centra Cafe is also kind of good but a little bit out.

    My personal favourite tapas bar is called Bar Jaica located on Carrer de Ginebra, 13. The staff are rude, its kind of loud, but theres no tourists, and the pimientas alla padrone are great, if you don’t mind the occasional spicy one.

  2. Favorite place to eat is Bar Central in the Mercat de la Boqueria. Fantastic grilled seafood. Also Bilbao-Berria in the Placa Nova for pintxos.

  3. That’s funny – my Dad and sister are just back from a trip there. They are going to guest on my blog about it. My Dad has spent a lot of time there with work over the years. Here are some of my favourites, most of which he introduced me to.

    Boqueria – just off Las Ramblas and a proper working market. This is the place to stock up on your cheeses, Spanish hams and chorizo. I love looking at the fishmongers at work, they have such a huge selection.

    Cacoa Sampaka – there are two Cacoa Sampaka stores in Barcelona. They have a good selection of chocolate tablets as well as cocoa powder, chocolate covered coffee beans and lemon peel. The one in the Gothic quarter is just a shop while the one off Passeig de Gracia is bigger with a café also. Try the spicy Aztec hot chocolate – it’s so thick your spoon will stand up.

    flyingthud – I used to love Xocoa too, but the last time I was in Barcelona (Spetember) it had closed down.

    Of course Barcelona also has an entire museum devoted to chocolate – I’ve never been but anything with lots of chocolate must be good!!

    In terms of food the Tragaluz Group has a number of restaurants including Agua down on the seafront. My personal favourite is the main Tragaluz restaurant itself. Think modern European food with definite Catalan influences. I’m also fond of its young hip sister across the road which serves a good selection of Japanese food.

    Not a sophisticated (nor as expensive) as Tragaluz is Senor Parellada. Located near the Jaume I metro stop it also opens on a Sunday night when many other restaurants close.

    Enjoy your trip, we expect some lovely pictures from that nice new camera of yours also.

  4. What a pity I didn´t check your blog before your visit to Barcelona!!! I would have advised you to go to “Espai Sucre”. It is a dessert restaurant (my dream come true!!!!) I mean a restaurant where you can have only desserts. They only serve meals at dinner time (Spanish dinner time) and during the day they give courses on different types of desserts. It is very interesting. I’m sure you would have enjoyed it. They have a website: so you can have a look at their menus and their courses and get an idea of what it is like.
    Maybe next time…

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