When is a Pirouette a Tuile?

Tuile Basket In reponse to my last post about pirouettes, Donal very helpfully pointed out that the cookies could just as easily be shaped around the bottom of a glass, making a cookie basket as a vehicle for ice cream. I tried it, and indeed he is right (not that I doubted him for an instant). The only issue is that you have to work very quickly indeed before the cookies harden.

I started thinking about the recipe, and I thought it is very similar to a tuile (meaning “tile” in French). In fact, the ingredients and process is virtually identical, except generally you’d shape a tuile over a rolling pin. I guess the only difference is the shape. So what is a this? A Panier?

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6 thoughts on “When is a Pirouette a Tuile?

  1. Great idea!

    You know, when I was at Ben and Jerry’s (do you have this ice cream shop in Ireland?) a couple of months ago for a tasting of four different flavors, they draped a large waffle cone form over four cups of a muffin tin, making a sport for four different scoops of ice cream. I could imagine if you made these bigger, you could do the same!

  2. Hey!

    They look great- I’m glad it worked out for you! My first attempt at these was a disaster, but like you said if work quick they can turn out fine! More importantly though- is it nice with the ice cream? :)

  3. Panier would be right although now “tuile” is the common reference for the batter much more than the shape in pastry work. You did a fantastic job on these!

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