The First Kerry Calf

Kerry Cow Cafl This has been a hard week, and it’s only Wednesday. First a freezer failed, and we lost a lot of ice cream, and then we had news that Fresh Supermarkets in Dublin are thinking about dropping us. If you buy your Murphys Ice Cream at Fresh, please make your displeasure known to the manager!

However, there is something that cheers me up each spring, and that is when I hear from Colm, the farmer who supplies us with Kerry Cow milk, telling me that the first of his Kerry cows has given birth. It means that we’ll soon again have a regular supply of rare and delicious milk for the summer season.

I always drive over to meet the first one, and it always leaves me delighted. For me, it puts everything else in perspective…

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8 thoughts on “The First Kerry Calf

  1. I’ve never seen Murphy’s stocked in my local Fresh (Smithfield) and I’ve been shopping there for nine months now, so I’m already peeved with them! This takes the cake though, definitely grumble worthy.

  2. I found Murphy’s @ Fresh this evening – hurrah! Bought two tubs just in case, although the manager was “busy”… I’ll be back though. I really hope they don’t go through with it.

  3. If they do drop you, surely not that serious, though disappointing I’m sure. Fresh don’t have many outlets, and while they may plan more those plans might be shelved with consumer confidence down. Further, Fresh is really just a rebranded Eurospar and I’ve found them to be very inconsistent in quality. They are trying to be something but falling well short of the mark in standards. Perhaps you should drop them!

  4. Yes, I’ve gone looking and couldn’t find your icecream in the Smithfield Fresh either. Also they seem to be stocking less and less Cully and Sully soup and instead providing bog standard soup on the shelves in its place. 🙁

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