2008 Irish Blog Awards

Irish Blog Awards I just booked a place at the Irish Blog Awards, which is rapidly creeping up on us, and anyone who wants to go and hasn’t booked had better get over to the awards site pronto, because it’s almost booked out!

Ice Cream Ireland is up for two categories along with quite a long short list of excellent sites:

Best Blog Sponsored by PutPlace: Skin Flicks, Fustar, Slugger O’Toole, House is a Feeling, Gingerpixel, Grannymar, Irish Flirty Something, On The Record, Twenty Major, Ellen McDermott, Arseblog, Red Mum, Ice Cream Ireland, Maman Poulet, The Cedar Lounge Revolution, Primal Sneeze, Eat Drink Live, Bock The Robber, Irish Taxi, Bookmark, Present Tense, Fatmammycat.com, The Limerick Blogger, Beaut.ie, The Waiting Game, Irish Sally Garden, Style Treaty

Best Business Blog Sponsored by FirstPartnersBrightspark Consulting, Bubble Brothers, Pat Phelan, Keith Bohanna, Ice Cream Ireland, BH Consulting Blog, The Blacknight Blog, O’Conall Street, McGarr Solicitors, Interactions, Worldwide Cycles, Fortify Your Oasis, Frank Fullard

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