Granny’s Cooking

Kitty in Cork Eoin from Mercier Press has been working through ideas and issues of new media and the publishing industry on his blog for some time now. That’s fine, you might say, but why would an ice cream man be interested? Well, Eoin has come up with a brilliant idea, and it relates to Irish food.

Here it is: he has launched a website, Our Grannies’ Recipes, where he will collect and showcase recipes of good, old-fashioned Irish cooking – the kind our grandmothers might have made.

The best recipes will then make it into a book to be published by Mercier in October. The royalties will go to Age Action Ireland.

I have to say this really gets me excited – new media meets old media with a lot of munching involved. So all you Irish (and Irish American, etc.) food bloggers out there who want to get published in print – it’s time to pay homage to Granny (or Granddad)!

Now… which recipe??? My own dear departed Cork grandmother Kitty (photo above)Â will be keeping a close eye on me from above, and she’s certainly able for lots of inspiration…

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5 thoughts on “Granny’s Cooking

  1. What a fab idea… I’m lucky enough to still have all my grantparents alive and well. My paternal grandmother is a great cook – one of those people who can conjure lunch from an empty fridge. I’d better bring a notebook on my next visit, I’m sure she has lots of recipes that would fit this project.

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