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I’ve been doing a bit of maintenance on my blogroll, and I am quite pleased at the growing number of Irish food (and drink) bloggers. A little more than a year ago, I wrote a post complaining that the sum total of active Irish food bloggers was around 10. I know of 30 and counting now, which is a great improvement, and the quality of some is high indeed. They are well worth checking out. Here’s what I have:

  1. Bibliocook (sadly suspended at the moment)
  2. Bubble Brothers
  3. Eat Drink Live
  4. Eat Me Drink Me
  5. Eating Out Ireland
  6. Fabulous Food Trails
  7. Fairy Cake Heaven
  8. Food and Drink
  9. Food for Life
  10. Food Lorists
  11. ForknCork
  12. Fruity Cook
  14. Humble Housewife
  15. Italian Foodies
  16. Letters on Lunches
  17. Life of a Private Chef
  18. Little Bird Eats
  19. Martin Dwyer
  20. Munster Pubs
  21. Oliver Moore
  22. Organic Yum Yum
  23. Organico Bantry
  24. Peppermint Tea
  25. Plaice for Everything
  26. Pink Whisk
  27. Quirky Kitchen
  28. Rocking Grass
  29. Stuff Yer Bake
  30. Ummera Smoked Products
  31. Val’s Kitchen
  32. Vinca’s in tha Kitchen
  33. Well Done Fillet
  34. What the Waiter Knows

From now on there will be an “Irish Food Sites” section to my links, and if you know any I have missed or want your blog included, simply let me know. My only rules are:

  1. You write about food regularly (doesn’t have to be every post)
  2. You have at least 5 posts (if you’re starting out)
  3. You have posted in the last month
  4. You are Irish or living in Ireland

So don’t be shy! Simply leave a comment with the blog’s address. Links are the life of any blog, and I’ll be happy to give your site one to help get the word out (a return link is appreciated, but that’s up to you).

I do want this to be a list of active Irish food bloggers, so I’ll remove blogs that aren’t kept reasonably current.

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12 thoughts on “Blogroll and Irish Food Blogs

  1. Hi Kieran,

    I’m a new Irish foodblogger and would love the chance to be listed among the great “tasting menu” of sites you’ve put together above.


  2. Finally back, Kieran! It’s taken a while – trying to deal with a recalcitrant server company while in NZ and only online sporadically doesn’t make things happen quickly. Great to see your list of blogs, old and new, to check out. Need to do a bit of housekeeping myself to keep on top of changes.

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