Wanted: More Irish Food Bloggers

It’s amazing how few food blogs there still are in Ireland. As far as I know, these are the sum total of blogs dealing primarily with food or drink (excluding myself, of course):

Bibliocook, Bubble Brothers, Conor O’Neill, Diet Cast, Martin Dwyer, Random Grub, Ummera, Where’s the Salt.

Am I missing any? Why aren’t there more?

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17 thoughts on “Wanted: More Irish Food Bloggers

  1. Can’t write, too busy eating 😉

    I’d include PodChef in the Irish category, I don’t know if he would.

    Looking at my food subs in Google Reader, I also have:

    Kevin Thornton (rarely posts): foodforlife.thorntonsrestaurant.com/foodforlife/
    Funky Foods(ditto): http://www.funkiefoods.com
    Haydn Shaughnessy’s “The Diet Cast”: http://www.thedietcast.com
    Martin Dwyer (no blummin RSS feed): martindwyer.com/m/words.php

    Haydn’s “My Diet Friends” (www.mydietfriends.com)allows people to set up food-blogs. Looks like it’ll be a great site.

  2. You are right Kieran – and it is a great shame. I know at least 2 food businesses who would translate so well into bloggers – with the same passion and talents that you bring to yours.

    Stepping up a level your relatively short list would also reflect the small numbers in any grouping outside of the core techie and political subjects that dominate the blogging space at the moment. Time will see that change.


  3. Isn’t it curious how most of the Irish food bloggers are either Munster based, or have some kind of Munster connection?

    John McKenna quoted in the Irish Times at the weekend said the arrival of “Venu” and “Fallon & Byrne” in Dublin means that Dublin has claimed the title of Culinary Capital of Ireland from Cork.

    Sounds like a red rag to Cork bulls, but if that’s the case, maybe we’ll see more Dubs food blogging soon!

  4. Just found another one, Munster-based again! http://www.organico.ie is a shop, cafe and bakery in Bantry. If you poke around a little, there seems to be some nice recipes there and a very tempting autumn/winter menu. Incidentally, Kieran, I was in contact with Ruth from Uru and she tells me that their Mallow shop is opening on 8 December…looking forward to that!

  5. I’m going to send a circular to as many people in the wine business (importers, journalists, &c. &c.) as I or the Golden Pages can think of and just see if I can get one or two others started, or at least aware/commenting. A busy time of year I know, but perhaps they’ll think about it over the hols.

  6. Hello out there!! I write a food blog and I’m Irish but unfortunately have been whisked away to England, does that count?

    please check it out I need to feel that I’m not just rambling madly to myself 😉

    Love your blog by the way.

  7. Hi There
    I am a food blogger in Dublin. I have been quietly tipping away as I didn’t want to start shouting about something I wouldn’t continue. I have a consistant readership and as soon as I can get rid of the .typapad from my name all will be great.

  8. Here in Boston there’s a great interest in New Irish Cuisine. Since 2005 we have been inviting over Irish chefs (fourteen to date) each March to cook in some of the city’s best hotels, alongside great Boston chefs like Michael Schlow, Barbara Lynch and Ming Tsai. The culinary exchange and opportunity to share techniques, traditions and styles of cooking is a great life to Ireland’s quickly ascending reputaton as a food destination.

    This year we have chefs coming from Dublin, Belfast, Halifax and Orlando (the late Rose Kennedy’s personal chef, Neil Connolly) the week of March 9-17. See details at http://www.irishmassachusetts.com and our blog at http://irishmassachusetts.blogspot.com/

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