Congrats to Killarney, Tidy Town Winner!

Killarney Cathedral The Tidy Towns Committee announced the 2007 winners, and Killarney won for “Ireland’s Tidiest Large Town.” I have to say, from our experience of running a shop there, that the civic spirit of the town is wonderful, and so many people really put care into how the place looks.

Well done, and well deserved!

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2 thoughts on “Congrats to Killarney, Tidy Town Winner!

  1. Kieran. You wrote in the past about “Soul Foods” in Killarney. We have grown to love that shop, stopping by to pick up odd items like Birds Eye Chillis to add a bit more interest to our menu from time to time and stopping by for an ice cream on the way home. Yesterday we went to pay a visit, and we were verklempt I tell you! Soul Foods is no more, it has closed down! We are looking for an alternative asian food supermarket in the Kingdom. Does anyone have any ideas?

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