Dingle Corn Maze

Dingle Corn Maze Bridge You know it’s summer, rain or shine, when the Dingle Corn Maze is open again for business.

Dingle Corn MazePlanted across five acres by the farmer who supplies us with Kerry Cow Milk, the maze has a Harry Potter theme this year. It’s located right in the centre of town and was laid out with computers and lasars, although the plucking of weeds and trimming is very much done by hand.

There are also picnic tables, a brand new bridge (see photo above) and other bits of entertainment.

At the end of the season, the majority of the corn will go to feed the cows, but for now, especially in this wet summer when the beach is so rarely appealing, the maze is a very attractive option for humans of all sizes.

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3 thoughts on “Dingle Corn Maze

  1. Well that’s about the last thing I thought I’d see in Ireland! We used to enjoy them in Michigan around Halloween, until one year we couldn’t get out! Certainly didn’t expect to see one here! 😉

  2. My wife and I will be back in Dingle in Oct.,22nd-24th. Do you suppose tha maze will still be in existance by then? Always something new to do in Dingle, our favorite place in all the world—so far.
    Keith and Joanne Wolfe

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