Tig Aine

Tig Aine I had a rainy day off, and what better way to spend a few hours of it than a trip out to Tig Aine’s in Graig, Ballyferriter.

Aine is a woman of many talents, and besides running a cafe serving a range of foods including her famous warm scones and tea, she also finds time for painting and weaving. So there’s lots to peruse.

Aine's DucksIt’s a great afternoon stop for anyone taking a tour of the Slea Head and needing a bit of refreshment. The view is stunning, and the atmosphere is tranquil.

She has a brand new restaurant under construction, so there will be full evening meals soon.

Anyone who knows Aine can be fairly certain that the new addition will be a very special place to eat. You’ll have to ask her if the ducks will be on the menu…

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One thought on “Tig Aine

  1. I stopped here a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t know anyting about the place, but it was so interesting. I sat outside on a lovely rustic rocking seat in the hot sun with tea and a scone, admiring the wonderful view, and listening to the ducks. In front of me was the standing stone. I swear it has a face on it!

    Anyway, thanks, Aine. I hope to be back. It was delightful.

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