Election 2007 – John Hickey

John Hickey, Green Party Here’s the third in the series. It’s great to know that the Greens like ice cream! 

I met John Hickey, the Green candidate at the Dingle farmers market. He was kind enough to come back to our shop for a photo. He lives locally (near Annascaul), and we had a good chat about how we could use green energy in our factory.

Here’s the fact file:

  • Candidate: John Hickey 
  • Party: Green
  • Constituency: South Kerry
  • Flavour: Caife (espresso and kahlua ice cream with chocolate shavings)

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4 thoughts on “Election 2007 – John Hickey

  1. Way to go, John! Someone needs to mix things up in my ol’ town!

    Drop us a line sometime, Kieran has my email… I think. Btw, homelyhouse.com is gone, just like the cafe.

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