Chocolate Souffle

Chocolate Souffle I have written about Francois Payard’s book Simply Sensational Desserts a couple of times here. It really is my favourite pastry book.

I had a severe chocolate craving a couple of nights ago and tackled his chocolate souffle, which is made in individual ramekins. This is a superb dessert. 

Chocolate Souffle CloseupHe suggests pistachio ice cream as an accompaniment, and I found the pairing spot-on. (In case you are wondering why our pistachio is not green – well, we don’t use food colouring…)

The photos don’t really do it justice, since the souffles should be served  right out of the oven, and had fallen quite a bit by the time I got to taking a photo (the next morning).

Again, if you love baking, the book is certainly worth the price.  

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6 thoughts on “Chocolate Souffle

  1. I’m surprised you removed the souffle from the ramekin. Usually when I make them, there’s no hope of getting them to come nearly as nice as that.

    There’s a little trick you can use if you want to ‘repuff’ the souffle, you can re-bake for a minute or two and they will rise (and fall) again.

    Looks delicious, even if it is a little deflated.

  2. I’ve been very well behaved recently by rationing my cookbook buying, but this recommendation made me fall off the wagon. I ordered it through The Book Depository and it is winging it’s way to Limerick as I type…now, where will I put it?

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