Chocolate Squares

Packaging for Valrhona Chocolates We have long wanted to improve the chocolate squares we serve with coffees in our shops, and I’m sure our customers will be delighted to know that we’ve reached agreement with Valrhona to serve their little chocolates in our packaging.

We have a choice in terms of which chocolate we use, so feedback please!!!



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5 thoughts on “Chocolate Squares

  1. Would be my choice too, but I wonder this: Dark chocolate people might eat milk chocolate, but would milk chocolate people eat dark chocolate?

  2. Go for it. As a milk chocolate eater, I would eat the dark chocolate as well. I find it helps to better refine my taste for chocolate. Milk chocolate is very popular here in the US, but there has been a move in the last few years toward dark chocolate. It’s much easier now to find quality dark chocolate even in the local grocery stores. Also, being on the west coast of the US, we don’t have easy access to Valhrona (yet), curious, have you tried Guittard, Scharffen Berger or Ghirardelli? What do you think of them?

  3. Yeah, things have been getting so much better here as well. I’ve never tried Guittard, and the other two are very good, but I’d still prefer Valrhona…

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