New Coffee Suppliers

Ponaire Coffee There seems to be more and more new companies roasting their own beans for the ever-increasing Irish coffee market. We’ve just received a sample of beans from the latest – Ponaire (the name is “bean” in Irish), a family operation in Tipperary.

The quality is very high, with a mild, smooth taste, and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone in the Midwest region. We’ll stick with our existing beans, though, since we’re happy with them (and our suppliers) and since they are Fairtrade

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6 thoughts on “New Coffee Suppliers

  1. They are nice aren’t they. When I met Jennifer I suggested that she send you a sample and great to see her follow that up and then for you to post on them.

    There are an emerging breed of local coffee roasters in Ireland who are bringing out fresh and tasty blends. The stuff Java Republic set out to do when they started!!

    I tried the fairtrade/organic blend from Cork Coffee Roasters recently – very nice also.


  2. Kieran,

    Thanks! It is always great to hear that people enjoy our coffee. We love roasting it and making new blends. When we come up with one that we think is extra special we will send it to you – we might just win you over. We are looking into fair trade but right now it is cost-prohibitive for us – but the next crop of beans we import will likely include some fair trade. We will keep you posted. Can’t wait to come and sample some of your ice cream – may get out your way at the end of the month.

  3. i’m moving back to ireland soon and am worried about the quality of coffee served there. to make sure i can get a good shot i will be opening my own coffee shop. right now i’m looking into coffee bean suppliers and would like to get the link to the website too or some other way of contacting Pónaire.

    also this blog is very informative. cheers kieran

  4. David, Wish you all the best with your coffee shop. The best way to reach Ponaire is to call me (Jennifer) at 087 256 3587. We roast to order – no roasted beans sitting on shelves waiting for an order to come in. We also custom roast, blend and can also help you with branding on the packaging. Look forward to hearing from you — Jennifer

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