Apologies for being off-line

I must apologise to everyone who tried to access this site over the last days. I’ve been so busy in the shop that I didn’t realise that I had run out of bandwidth due to the extra traffic generated by the Irish Blog Awards. I had paid for extra bandwidth earlier in the month, but it clearly wasn’t enough. By the time I checked the site and my email on Friday evening, the folks at Blacknight, who host this site had headed away for the weekend, and there was nothing I could do… So sorry!

It’s an odd thing when you have a huge spike in traffic that is a “once off,” and I’d be interested to know how other bloggers handle it. The salesman at Blacknight with whom I corresponded when I bought the extra bandwidth was unwilling to cut me any slack (even in return for me singing their praises on the blog) and was interested only in trying to sell a more expensive package, which would be generally three or four times the bandwidth I need in a normal month. I was down for almost three days. Ouch! Once again, apologies…

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2 thoughts on “Apologies for being off-line

  1. That’s a very poor sales approach from Blacknight. I was about to say “especially considering they sponsored the Blog Awards” but I just checked and surprisingly, they didn’t.

    You should add a blacknight tag to the post and it might get the attention of Michele or George.

    A smart sales person would have said “we’ll give you unlimited bandwidth if you put our logo in your sidebar”. Or even given you free hosting as long as they could blog about it.

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