Italian-Irish Food Blog

Check out this for a great addition to the Irish food blogging scene:

Italian Foodies – They have an Italian restaurant in Limerick called “La Piccola Italia,” a deli called “La Cucina,” and they post about Italian food, including recipes…

6 thoughts on “Italian-Irish Food Blog

  1. Hi Kieren. Thanks a mil for the mention. The blog is going great and we’re getting great feedback from friends and customers. I said I better clarify La Cucina is actually a deli and take-away and the restaurant is called La Piccola Italia in the city centre.


    p.s your photography is fantastic, do you take them yourself???

  2. Funny… we’ve got a “Piccola Italia Pizza” here in Miami, Florida… pretty decent thin-crust (real) cheap pizza that was recommended to me by a real Italian. Oddly enough, though, all their wine is Chilean.

  3. I always buy ice which a in a folie, I dont buy softice in the south like in Italy be cause of herpatitis, I think one should be carefull

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