Cycling in the Maharees

Maharees With all this beautiful weather, we’ve been really busy in both shops. We are training two new staff members in Dingle and trying to keep up with the work.

Maharees With MountainsStill, I did manage to get out for a cycle, heading over the Conor Pass to Castlegregory and the Maharees. This spit of land, known as the windsurfing capital of Ireland, makes for a perfect cycle on a calm day, since it is relatively flat.

In the summer, it can be full of cars as the caravan parks fill to capacity and the surfers and windsurfers arrive in earnest. This time of year, the roads were quite empty and the scenery beautiful.

As with many places in Kerry, there has been a huge amount of development, with dozens of new houses since I was there last. Still, it’s worth a wander to hear the call of the sea birds and the sound of the waves. If you want a change of pace from the bike, there are miles of shoreline to explore.

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One thought on “Cycling in the Maharees

  1. I love this part of Kerry. We went to college in Tralee and of course the weather was always lovely around the time of exams but we’d all pile in to our little Diahatsu Charade automatic and head up to the connor pass.I don’t know how we used to come back alive in that car. Ah the memories!!!!

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