German Butcher, Killarney

German Butcher, Killarney Anyone visiting or living in the Killarney area would do well to seek out the German Butcher Shop in Aghadoe (halfway up the hill on the road to Milltown). That is, if you’re not already one of their many happy customers. It’s the kind of place you’re most happy to have in your life.

Besides all sorts of meats, including Killarney Park venison, they have an interesting array of German foods that are not so readily obtainable. For people like me, with a serious sweet tooth, they have a tantalising selection of German biscuits and chocolates…

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3 thoughts on “German Butcher, Killarney

  1. It’s been a while since i’ve been on the site as i’ve been out in the middle of the ocean down in the caribbean and i’m very glad to see that you scooped those fully deserved awards, congrats!!!!You have been around for a while and act as the benchmark for us Irish food bloggers! I must say i see your name popping up more and more around the web, must be doing something right! I’ve added another blog this time one totally dedicated to food and it shows step by step tutorials in video format!Maybe i could wdo an ice cream recipe of yours! I’ll get working on it, with your permission of course!

  2. Looks very good, Niall. It’s a great thing to use video for tutorials! I would be delighted if you did something with one of my recipes…

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