A Trip to See Fungie

Here are some photos of Fungie the Dingle dolphin that I took when bringing my niece and nephew out on the boat. He was in great form, and we also saw a seal...

I'm off to Dublin for the Irish Blog Awards.

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3 thoughts on “A Trip to See Fungie

  1. Kieran,

    Ann, Dona and I are pulling for you! Just getting to this point is an honor in itself!

    Like the pictures of Fungie and the seal. Seems like the seal should have a name too.

  2. Enjoy the awards! My little one suffering Fungi withdrawal symptoms so thanks for the pics. Hope to see you, that is to say your ice-cream, at Easter.

  3. I voted for you, and so I’m extra pleased to see that you won two awards – big congratualtions and I hope you had a wonderful evening.

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