Last Taste of Summer

Ice cream with tayberry sauce I have written about Sweetbank Farm several times, the fruit farm in Wicklow. Well, their bushes and trees are long since plucked, but we did freeze some of their tayberries earlier in the season, and I pulled out the last trays of them to make a big vat of sauce. (If you also froze some berries and want a recipe, I gave one here for blackberry coulis)

In any case, we’re serving it up warm with ice cream in the shops, and it goes especially well with Irish cream liqueur ice cream. My brother Sean has been playing around with serving it with a piece of plain sponge, whipped cream, and ice cream, and customers have been loving this ready-made dessert…

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2 thoughts on “Last Taste of Summer

  1. I just discovered Ice Cream Ireland and am loving it. I am married to an Irishman (Bantry, County Cork) and have the great pleasure of visiting Dingle. You have a beautiful site and I can’t wait to seek your ice cream out in person!

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