Chai Latte and Brown Bread Ice Cream

As part of our preparation for the Great Taste Awards written about in an earlier post, we made flavours. Chai latte, which was actually a request from Ard Bia in Galway, came out quite nicely, and if you want to try it, simply add a couple of espresso shots to the Honey Chai recipe I gave earlier and drop the honey.

Brown Bread

The brown bread ice cream took most of our attention, however, since it’s a bit hard to get right. In Ireland, people think of brown bread ice cream as a very Irish invention, but there are Britain historical references from 1894 in that mention it. Mind you, they could have brought the idea back from the emerald isle!

It’s a nice flavour – the bread should be crunchy in a base of vanilla ice cream with a dark, molasses-like flavour. To make it you need some dark brown bread (a bit stale helps) that you crush into small bread crumbs. You then sprinkle dark brown sugar sugar over it and place under the grill until it melts. Stir it, place it back under the grill, and repeat.

Brown Bread Ice Cream

We tried regular brown bread, brown bread with Baileys, and brown bread with whiskey, all of which we sell in the shop from time to time. Perhaps I’ll pass on a full recipe later, when we decide which we liked best!

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7 thoughts on “Chai Latte and Brown Bread Ice Cream

  1. Wow! Kieran thank you for stopping by my blog and introdcuing yourself. Had you not done that I would not have come to visit your lovely little baby here.

    That ice cream sounds divine. I’ve recently become a fan of chai so I will have to keep this in mind when I eventually by a new ice cream maker. My previous one finally gave up after years of serving our family well.

  2. The way you’re talking, Kieran, you might even have me tempted to try brown bread ice cream! As a kid, I always thought it was an aberration of nature – why on earth would anyone like to add horrible brown bread to lovely ice cream?!

  3. When done right, it’s fab, with a deep molasses flavour.

    I think our favourite of our last tests was the Brown bread and whiskey, so I’ll have to throw up a recipe one of these days!

  4. Kieran, this sounds utterly amazing. I’m such a huge fan of ice cream, I’m so glad I found your site. Can’t wait to read through the archives!

  5. got brown bread and baileys ice cream in a restaurant. it is divine. i make it at home myself now.. try it its lovely

  6. had baileys brown bread ice cream on sat night in langdons kilkenny and it was delightful light and soft would have it again no problem if you are ever in kilkenny go to langdons and try it I will when Im there again.

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