4 thoughts on “Seems Ice Cream is Going Nitro

  1. Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa has been doing Nitro ice cream since 1999 and now there are creameries in the Des Moines area. The ice cream is incredibly smooth and probably one of the best I have had.

  2. I wonder about theses places, are they making the ice-cream to order? using the Nitro as a piece of theatre? Or are they simply offering it as another type of ice-cream?

    I’ve never tasted “Nitro-Cream” so I’m not going to comment on the quality of the product versus regular ice-cream or Gelatto. I wonder though is it right to call it ice-cream?

  3. I know that the ice cream made at Iowa State University if 12% butterfat, with is in between premium ice cream and gelato. I know all the ingredients are the same as for ice cream and gelato, it’s just frozen more quickly with the liquid nitrogen. And it isn’t make to order at ISU; it is already made, even when they go to the Iowa State fair.

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