Breast Milk Ice Cream?

Back in the Autumn, we had a television crew in our Wicklow Street shop for what was to be a new season of the RTE comedy show, Anonymous. The gag was Amanda Brunker dressed as an old biddy, giving out samples of breast milk ice cream (it was actually our Kerry Cream flavour). Fun was had by all.

Now, however, it seems less like a gag, since PR firm Taylor Herring has this post, stating that the icecreamists in Covent Garden are actually serving up the stuff. Certainly that’s bound to get some attention for them, but it wouldn’t really be my thing. However, it’s almost worth a flight over. Simply as a professional. Market research and all.

5 thoughts on “Breast Milk Ice Cream?

  1. No doubt many will be disgusted by the idea, but yet people are happy to down gallons of cow-boob milk (and associated food products). Totally different species.

    If you guys want to get a boob milk ice cream up and running my (nursing) wife would be happy to help – she could do with a nixer! 😉

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  3. I saw this in a news article the other day! I was a little disturbed. The moms were getting paid pretty good money which I guess helps for stay at home moms but I don’t think I could eat any, nor would I pay what some people were actually paying for this dish (the equivalent of $22 for a scoop in a martini glass).

  4. Using breastmilk to make icecream is like using donated human blood to make black pudding; in other words, a disgraceful waste of a precious, scarce resource.

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