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3tubs1pink-sm For the last six months or so, we’ve been considering doing a pink tub in support of marriage equality. For those of you who are unaware of the issue, there will probably be a civil partnership bill working its way through the Dail in the new year.  While it’s a big step in the right direction (if it happens), there are those who wish it to go further. The following video,  I think, makes a good point:

Now, of course Ben & Jerry bravely celebrated Vermont’s passage of a marriage bill with their flavour Hubby Hubby, and there might be those who say we’re simply aping them.

However, I think it’s different since they were celebrating something that happened (and the tub was only released in Vermont), where we’d rather be hoping to support something that might happen with enough awareness and support (and I’ve been told the Marriage Equality folks are looking for support from the straight community).

As always, we’d be delighted for any feedback from everyone, but especially from customers… There is a poll below, or please comment.

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Note: The original poll here was on, but it was seriously slowing down the site, so I transferred the data to this poll.

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19 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink?

  1. Are you willing to risk the business of those you offend to stand up for a principle you believe in? If so, then I say go for it.

    A humble ice cream eater writing from the United States.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I guess, Jay, my question is how many of our customers here would we offend? I’m pretty sure that the civil partnership bill would have fairly wide support in Ireland. Marriage equality less so, but in any case this is why we’re trying to get feedback. By the way, we’re not looking to change the company into an activist organisation for various issues but rather to see whether we can offer support in our own small and hopefully fun way.

    For any customers reading this, we’d really like your honest feedback, and if you don’t want to comment publicly (either in support or against the idea), please email me: kfionnm at hotmail dot com. I would love to hear from you and promise to keep any emailed comments completely confidential.

  3. A great idea. Don’t worry about losing customers. I imagine your current customers are either supportive or neutral. If anything, you’ll gain customers. Loyalty from people you’re supporting and support from those who like to see ‘corporates’ stand for something, take a risk and speak up on a social issue that makes them look human!

  4. I can’t buy your stuff, but I’d make damned sure to buy it over the one next door to support this sort of thing. Maybe not the actual tub in question, but that tub’s existence would certainly make me more likely to buy something you’re selling.

  5. Great idea Kieran, I think you should go for it and am heartened to see that the poll is so far in favour of it. Would you consider donating a percentage of profits to one of the organisations that are working on the marriage equality campaign?

  6. Thanks, guys! Jean – I’m also amazed how heavily in favour the poll is. We’d donate something all right if we did it. Was thinking breast cancer could also be beneficiary (since it was pointed out to me that pink is associated with that). Or both. Maybe that could be another poll! 🙂

  7. I also think it’s a good idea; though my first response when I saw the pink tub was to wonder if you were supporting breast cancer research, since that is traditionally “their” color. Have you considered purple, more traditionally associated with gay rights than pink?

    I am so supportive of this idea and wish you the best of luck.

  8. I think its a good idea. However, like Diana above I thought you were going pink for breast cancer-and with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month it could get a little confusing! I would also have suggested Purple or rainbow if ye feel really bold!

    Best of luck either way! I can’t see anyone being offended so I don’t feel you have anything to lose!

  9. In fairness, I never bought your ice cream but heard a lot of good about them. I read about your proposal through the Cheap Eats website and think that it’s a great idea. I’ll make sure to look for it

  10. It’s a great idea. I agree with Fiona, most of your customers are likely to be supportive or neutral. Bigots eat lesser brands I’m sure!

    Rather than an unrelated cause being the beneficiary of a donation though as suggested above, it would make perfect sense that the cause the Ice Cream would be themed around should be the beneficiary. The MarriageEquality group is part of the National Lesbian and Gay Federation [] which is a registered charity.

    It might also make sense to split the donation with the other civil marriage equality advocacy group, Noise []

    As for colour options, look no further than the rainbow 🙂

  11. Brilliant idea, I’d seek out a tub to support it!

    I agree with Diana that the pink tub looks like it’s a Breast cancer awareness thing. Could you do a different colour?

    Great to see you supporting gay marriage. 1+1=Happiness!

  12. I think it’s a great idea, Kieran. You and your brand strike me as ‘real’ and approachable, quite friendly – so whereas Ben & Jerry’s (i.e. Unilever) Hubby Hubby could be interpreted as a bit cynical, I imagine the response to your pink tub would be overwhelmingly positive.

    Plus, bright pink would contrast beautifully with your current blue tubs.

  13. I think it’s a terrible idea.

    Why Pink? Why stereotype gay people with Pink? Why are you trying to commercial gain from gay people and this situation. I didn’t like it when Ben & Jerrys did it and I don’t like it when this either.

    If you want to support gay people…GET OUT THERE, lobby politicians, make a political stance. Don’t try to change a colour so we part with our money and you can look good AND become richer.

  14. Hi,

    I think this is a good idea because it will put it at the forefront of people’s minds.
    I agree with other posters that Pink is probably not the best choice, and would suggest purple or a rainbow colour, if you are going to do it why not go the whole hog. I’d also agree that there needs to be a donation made to the charities fighting for this, Marraige Equality and Noise for example. Also samples handed out at the next March or Rally.

    All support i’m sure is welcome, my advice would be to go the whole hog, ideas above.

    Hope you can work it out, i think it’s a lovely idea.

  15. I think a Marriage Equality pot is a great idea; but like Ian above, I have to echo, “why pink…?” The pink you’ve chosen would surely be better in support of Breast Cancer Awareness – another great cause (which affects both men & women) & which seriously needs support.

    But as an overall idea, great; albeit not sure of the sensibilities regarding the issue in your part of the world….could be tricky & lose you some o your brand’s popularity (sad for those who refuse the liberality, mind you).

  16. 3tubs1purple-sm OK! Purple. I hear you loud and clear. Is this better? Maybe we could do a pink tub at some point in support of breast cancer.

    Thanks to everyone who has commented.

    Ian – thanks for your thoughts. I guess in my mind this would be a political stance, taken in our own small way. We’re not the marching type. We make ice cream!

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