Ice Cream Economics – Ronaldo or Anglo Irish?

Photo from Independent

Now I know I’m just an ice cream man and not an economist, but I think I might have the answer to Ireland’s economic woes. As everyone knows, Christiano Ronaldo has been sold to Real Madrid for £80 million. Sounds a huge amount, doesn’t it?

Photo from RTE
Photo from RTE

However, at the same time we, the Irish taxpayer, are going to pump €4 billion into Anglo Irish bank. Which is more foolish?

Now here’s a better idea. What if we took the €4 billion and bought football players? With 10 teams in the League of Ireland top division, and 11 first team players, we could spend an average of €36 million per player.

We’d have the best players in the world playing in our first division. Think of the tourism benefits! Think of the TV revenues and ticket sales! Think of the boost to places like Sligo and Drogheda! We could contractually make the players endorse Irish products, which would boost exports. And 110 millionaires coming into Ireland might even help the property market.

This may all sound very silly, but then, so does bailing out a dubious bank. At the very least my idea would be far more enjoyable.

I’ll go back to making ice cream now.

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  1. Kieran, I never thought I would see you as anything but the best Ice Cream man in the world, but now I have to add you to my list of best Economist in the World. And right now, you are the only member of that last group!

    I can just imagine all of those footballers running around with Murphy’s Ice Cream plastered across their butts!

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