Finally, Finally, Finally!

wafflecone2 Business is a funny thing. Some things can be easy, and some things hard, and it’s difficult to predict in advance which will be which. The most annoying issues are ones that really aren’t that big, ones that should be easily solved, but for whatever reason we just can’t do so.


One of these issues has been cones. My brother and I have always been a fan of waffle cones, and when we set up the business, we had never thought we would serve anything else. However, finding cones we liked (and were reasonably priced) was quite another matter. We did find some decent ones early on, but so many of them kept arriving broken, that we gave up. We’ve been looking and looking, for almost nine years. 

Time went by, and we served our ice cream on wafer cones instead, even though we never were that excited by them. We explored the possibility of making cones, and we ordered up samples when ever we heard of a source somewhere in Europe.

Anyway, problem solved! My brother managed to find a company making great waffle cones, and we’ve just received a few pallets of them. They are extremely tasty, and they are in one piece. 

It looks like the end of the wafer cone is nigh at Murphys. Finally.

4 thoughts on “Finally, Finally, Finally!

  1. Back when I was younger (can’t remember how long) and the shopping centre in Nutgrove opened first, there was a proper ice cream kiosk in the centre. It hand made waffle cones on a machine there1 Jesus but they were the best cones I ever had!

    Sadly the locals didn’t like it or the people who ran it didn’t know what they were doing, or whatever but it closed and I’ve never found as good a waffle since! Maybe your’s will live up to it!


  2. That great, cant wait to try them! Was never a fan of wafer cones. I could have lived on those choc waffle cones thought. MMM these cones might even have space to drown the icecream in melted choc mmmm

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