A Puff of Chocolate

Happy Easter, everybody! Since it’s Easter, I thought something on chocolate was appropriate (when is it not?)

Now, if it were April’s Fools, I’d think it was a prank, but I just read that a Harvard professor has invented inhalable chocolate, and it’s called Le Whif. Yes, it’s chocolate that comes in an inhaler. Good idea? I’m kind of thinking it’s an abomination, but if it’s a calorie-free chocolate experience you want, maybe it’s for you. What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “A Puff of Chocolate

  1. Would someone like to tell me what the point is in having chocolate and not being able to eat it? Anyway, the smell of chocolate is not something that is easily copied, with most of the so-called chocolate scents being pretty vile…

    Happy Easter! Hope you’re going to make some fab chocolate ice-cream with all those surplus easter eggs!

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