Sour Grape and 20 Other Irish Flavours

I’m sure everybody knows about the Ben & Jerry Yes, Pecan Obama-homage flavour that made the rounds of the internet last year. Lately, there’s been flavour ideas for departed President Bush including some of my favourites:  Nut’n Accomplished, Abu Grape, Cluster Fudge, Iraqi Road, Chock ‘n Awe, WireTapioca, imPeachmint, and Chunky Monkey in Chief. 

That got me thinking about what ice cream flavour would best explain the current Irish predicament. Here are 20 of my ideas. I’d love to hear your own suggestions (or your favourite one of these). Maybe we can do something with them!

20 New Irish Ice Cream Flavours

1. Housing Bubblegum Burst

2. Berry Berry Pear-shaped

3. Lychee Levy

4. Half-baked Financiers

5. Lenihan Lemon Curdle

6. Newry Cream-in’ it

7. sourgrape-smCowan Fudge-in’ it

8. Bread and Watermelon

9. Sour Grape

10. Rum Raisin Write-Off

11. Repossessed Car-amel

12. Lime Your Pockets

13. Golden Melon Handshake

14. Dark, Dark Chocolate

15. Anglo Irish Apple Crumble

16. Purple Plum Patch

17. Scary Cherry Credit Crunch

18. Sticky Taxy Toffee

19. Honey, I’m Home All Day

20. Mint Thin Soup

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6 thoughts on “Sour Grape and 20 Other Irish Flavours

  1. You’re probably right, Monica, and I’ve been doing my best to keep it away. Still, can one really avoid the elephant in the room? I was hoping to at least bring a smile with it and hopefully the notion that for all the troubles out there life will go on in any case and we may as well keep a bit of humour about things…

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