Dancing in Killarney

dancinggirls I spent today in our Killarney shop, doing a bit of Valentine’s decorations, making a few coffees, eating some ice cream and catching up with customers. 

dancinggirls3The 2009 All Ireland Irish Dancing Championships are on in town, and the dancing spilled out onto the street this afternoon. 

Recently, I’ve found it a little difficult to cope with the dour mood in the country and the endless bad news on the radio. There is nothing like the exuberance of children, however, to lift the spirits and to underline the fact that life will go on.


With the sun out, the costumes colourful, and the music lively, Killarney showed that there is plenty of joy left in this part of the world. 

The competition goes through until the 15th, and there’s a timetable of events here.

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2 thoughts on “Dancing in Killarney

  1. Nice to see some genuine smiles! Maybe politicians and bankers should be made dress up like that &do some dancing.

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