Surfing in Ventry

ventry5 Those of you who know Ventry, know that it is rare to have waves on the beach there that are more than a ripple. 

ventry4Yesterday, however, when I went for a late afternoon walk on the beach with the pregnant one, we were quite astonished to see quite a few members of Dingle’s surfing brigade packing up for the day. 

Surfers in Ventry? It didn’t take long to see why – there was serious swell. 

In fact, I have never seen waves there like it. 

ventry3The day was bright and sunny, and yet the ocean was in fighting form. I guess the recent storm systems were working their way through.

We all enjoyed the spectacle, but unfortunately it looked like the erosion on the dunes was pretty severe. Still, the beach changes every year, and the next storm might bring all the sand back again!

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4 thoughts on “Surfing in Ventry

  1. I visited Dingle back in ’95. We really loved it but it was freezing, I couldn’t imaging anyone wanting to go in the surf.
    Maybe it is because I am from Australia and winter for me is around 15c, summer 30c or more! 🙂

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