Goodbye to Tokyo

sushi2 Tomorrow, we leave early to go back to Ireland, and I thought I should make my last post about sushi.

In terms of food, it’s what I will miss most. In case you were wondering, although we had many good meals, the best sushi we had was a lunch at the Tsukiji Fish Market (both photos) in one of the alleys and a heavenly dinner tonight.

sushiWe were lucky enough to meet a Japanese food writer on this trip, and she brought us to an old-school sushi place in a quiet part of town. There was no glitz or glamour here and no crowds, just a serious sushi master and the best cuts of the best fish.

If you’re in Tokyo, check it out: Katori-Zushi, 3-7-10 Kiyosumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo. It’s just by the Kiyosumi-Shirakawa metro station.

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye to Tokyo

  1. the neat thing about sushi is that it’s very easy for your body to assimilate… when you cook a fish or meat the hemoglobin turns to myoglobin and is less healthful for the body. Very nice photos.
    from Indiana, USA…peace to you and yours, mTw

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