“Anna Banana”

There’s a photo I took of one of the ice cream girls in the Irish Times Magazine today along with a “how to” on the frozen banana pops and a mention of the book. They suggest frozen grapes as well, which sounds great!

4 thoughts on ““Anna Banana”

  1. Hi Kieran, first time to ur blog. I found ur blog so rich with ice-creams and desserts recipes. Nice blog. I have bookmarked some of ur recipes. U really r doing a gud job for readers. Will let u knw whn I wud try any dessert or ice-cream from ur blog.

  2. I’ve made frozen grapes plenty of times, but never dipped them in chocolate. Frozen grapes always seems like wee little balls of self made sorbet. Yumsy! I want to try the frozen bananas some time, I think they’d be delicious, but I want to KNOW they’d be delicious!

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