National Irish Food Awards

 Here’s a bit of breaking news:

I’m delighted to announce that a group of us have secured funding for the 1st Annual National Irish Food Awards (Blas na hÉireann), to be held in Dingle during the Food and Wine Festival. The awards will be open to Irish food producers (except sponsors like me) and will be a way of recognising the talents in this country. Entries will have to be commercially available.

I will post more as we get up the website and tighten up the dates and rules of entry…

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7 thoughts on “National Irish Food Awards

  1. Why do the producer’s have to sell in three places? I know so many nice foods worthy of awards with only one stockist, this is exactly what they need to get more stockists!

    Your blog shows up some strange characters in firefox by the way… hope that helps in some way 🙂
    Really enjoy reading it!!

  2. That’s a tough one – Jessie. I know what you mean – everybody has to start somewhere, and some great foods might be only available, for example, at a farmer’s own farm shop. However, the feeling was that putting in 3 outlets would make sure that the applicants have the intention of growth and be less likely to put in something just to win an award that they don’t really have any intention of selling. I know from starting out, getting three outlets wasn’t much of a problem at all… Still, it’s early days, and I’m sure we’ll be tweaking to get it right! Thanks for your comments.

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