Taste of Dublin

Taste of Dublin Sean and I have headed to Dublin to take part in Taste of Dublin, which will start tomorrow and go until Sunday in the beautiful Iveagh Gardens.

We will be sharing a space with Valrhona chocolate. Ice cream and chocolate. Couldn’t be too bad, could it?

Sean and I will only be around tomorrow, and we have an interview on Phantom 105, I think around 2 pm. However, Niamh, Eddie, and Claire will be around for the whole few days selling the ice cream (and the book), so do say “hi” if you’re around. 

Taste toiletsWe shouldn’t be that hard to find. We’re next to a really big fountain and not far from the toilets.

I didn’t get a chance to really walk around and see who’s there and what’s on, but hopefully I will get a good look-in tomorrow.

Then, we have to face the long drive back home to Dingle, hopefully with our bellies full! 

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7 thoughts on “Taste of Dublin

  1. Oh boy that sounds like fun! A bit too far to drive for us, plus our car isn’t floatable..yet…but I wish y’all luck with your food fair.

  2. I finally got to try some of your ice cream – yeah, that’s the good stuff!

    I’m still going to have to make a trip to Dingle to try the Irish whiskey flavour though.

  3. Hee, that last picture makes me laugh – I am secretly twelve years old and giggling that the sign is telling me to ‘taste toilets’.

  4. I gave it a miss this year, because last year’s event was massively disappointing. Crowd, tiny portions of food for a fortune on paper plates and wooden “cutlery” – not very appealing. Maybe next year?

    But I hope it was a great success for you.

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