Ice Cream News, Vol II

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I’ve been tagged by the Kitchen Goddess, and the idea was to put together your best ten photos. Boy, is the Goddess’ line-up beautiful, and it’s a site worth visiting for sure. However, I’m feeling very lazy, and instead of going through all my photos (the idea makes my head hurt), instead I’ve pulled up my ten favourite current ice cream news stories, which has nothing to do with anything (and don’t worry – there’s no tagging involved).

As you probably know, I’m rather fond of Google News, and the last time I looked up the news on ice cream, there was a lot of doom and gloom (Vol I here). This time, it was all fluff, nonsense, and happiness. To whit:

  1. The Mail on Sunday broke the following story – “Posh takes kids out for ice cream.” Must have been a slow news day, and I have to wonder – a) who cares and b) is this really the most shocking photo the paparazzi can manage?
  2. Staying with celebrities, it appears that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt feed their kids ice cream for breakfast. My estimation of the pair has definitely gone up.
  3. On a more serious note, IOL has it that Carrie Underwood likes to eat ice cream after a break-up. She says, “Ice cream is my friend.”
  4. Still more – the Boston Herald reports that Josh Beckett of the Red Sox has demanded to be traded unless the club return the ice cream machine it removed from the clubhouse. He’s not the only one aggrieved – third baseman Mike Lowell said, “I don’t know why we can’t have ice cream. We won the World Series with it there.”
  5. Reuters reports that a Viking ship made out of ice cream sticks set sail for England from the Netherlands on Tuesday. I’m delighted at the recycling involved, but one really must wonder about the odd historical context. Maybe I didn’t pay attention in history class, but I don’t remember that the Vikings were big on popsicles…
  6. More on recycling – it appears that the gunk at the bottom of wine barrels is good for stabilising ice cream. Yes, the sediment is called “grape wine lees” and a Taiwanese study shows that it apparently reduces melting in ice cream by 30-80%. Unfortunately, there are also some “unpleasant effects.”
  7. The Baltimore Sun announces a fundraising ice cream social for dogs. It’s part of a whole array of events including “Bark and Rejoice” and “Wagging Contest.”
  8. As several customers mentioned in our shops, the Apprentice had the contestants making ice cream. I missed it.
  9. Even the Economist had a cheerful ice cream storyMehmet Ali Talat, the unrecognised president of Northern Cyprus, pulled off a publicity stunt by going walkabout on the Greek side of the line and sampling the local ice cream.
  10. Finally, I was intrigued by this story: Three Twins Ice Cream in California has a $60,000 sundae. Sound a lot? Well for that you get to fly to Tanzania first class and ascend to Mount Kilimanjaro, where the founder of the ice cream company will hand-churn your ice cream using glacial ice from the summit. You also get a souvenir t-shirt.

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4 thoughts on “Ice Cream News, Vol II

  1. My favorite story is the ice cream stick viking ship. This is great, the world will always be a blast as long as there are people out there who think “hey I need about a zillion little sticky ice cream sticks so I can build a boat.”

  2. Love it!! That’s my kinda news. Anything with ice cream is cool.
    I have been known to eat cake and ice cream for breakfast. Why not?
    Life is to short so you might as well eat what you want when you want.
    Btw, I love a mint ice cream with chocolate chips in it. Yummmyyyy!!
    Best wishes, Kimme

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