Inexpensive Ice Cream Maker

5 scoops of ice cream This was just passed on to me:

If you want to start making your own ice cream, Aldi has an inexpensive domestic ice cream maker on special for 29.99. I don’t know the brand so I can’t vouche for the quality, but no doubt it will do the trick…

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11 thoughts on “Inexpensive Ice Cream Maker

  1. I’m currently using an ice cream attachment I got free with my Kitchen Aid but I long for the day when I have a gaggia one sat on my work top. Oh a girl can dream can’t they?

  2. Ooooh, nice one for letting us know, must plan a trip to Aldi on Thurs! Been meaning to try making home-made ice cream, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money in case it didn’t work out – this looks perfect.

  3. I have serious reservations about ice cream machines which do not have an inbuilt freezing mechanism (of which I am fairly sure this is one, at that price) they usually have an ice block which just doesn’t have enough freezing capacity and tend to over whip and curdle cream without freezing, but they do work very well for sorbets.

  4. I don’t know if I agree, Martin. Since models such as the one above are passive (i.e. without built-in refrigeration), they rely on the temperature of one’s freezer, which does make them less consistent. They will not work well if your freezer isn’t cold enough. Still, we have found that if the freezer is quite cold (at least -24C), and if one leaves it in long enough for the base unit to freeze fully (overnight ideally), they work just fine. Of course a model with built in refrigeration (such as the Gaggia mentioned by Kitchen Goddess) is superior, not least because you can make back-to-back batches, but such models are many multiples in terms of price. This isn’t a bad way for people to start making ice cream, as long as they have a cold freezer…

  5. Sorry Martin, I agree with Ciaran.

    Surely anything has to be better than breaking your ice crystals with a fork on the half hour every half hour! That is enough to stop even the most willing and adventurous cook from trying their own homemade icecream and presumably wouldn’t have THE most consistant results.

    My Philip’s ice-cream maker came from Lidl a while back; as a birthday present from the children, and we’ve had hours of fun gorging out on the results ever since. My advice is to try it out and you’ll be hooked…

    By the way Ciaran; please check out my post Polly Steels Eggs as I’ve just tagged you! (thanks to The Kitchen Goddess!)

  6. OK Maybe I was spoiled but for the 15 years I had the restaurant I had a marvellous Stella machine, it producesd two or three batches of Ice Cream or Sorbet every day. Unfortunately as the restaurant sold as a going concern I lost it with the sale. Since then I bought a Phillips maker, like Polly I reckon, but just havn’t been able to duplicate the results of the Stella, now I am with you Polly, it still beats the fork and freezer method but I’m still saving up for another Stella!

  7. I bought my aldi ice cream machine today so will let you know how it goes – have the bowl part in freezer at the moment and will be making ice cream first thing in the morning!!

  8. Arrgh, just typed a long comment, only to be told that the captcha I entered was wrong, all lost!!!

    We got the Aldi ice cream maker and it’s great, making our third batch now. Vanilla was the first we tried, followed by banana, this time it’s strawberries and cream. Brilliant fun!

  9. order you ice cream and sorbet stabalizer. half a tea spoon in a litre batch prevents larger crystals from forming. this works a treat.

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