Frosty Fingers?

Ice Cream Cozy Amazing what comes to my attention. Here’s the latest ice cream accessory: if you suffer frosty fingers from eating ice cream out of the tub, you can order this Cuddle your ice cream cozy (by Gracie Designs) for $8. That is, I suppose, cheaper than gloves.

And to go back, for a moment, to Delizia! and eating food on the fly – here’s a bit of information from Mr. Dickie in case you’re travelling toΓ‚ Italia andΓ‚ wondering about Italian ice cream etiquette:

In Italy, ice cream is the only thing that can be enjoyed legitimately while walking, but even then the cone should be wrapped in a napkin, with another napkin ready to dab the mouth, and the maximum permitted speed is a gentle amble.

It’s a bit unclear whether eating a full tub in an ice cream cozy while ambling gently is in breach. I suppose it is, so take along a thick skin and a few extra napkins.

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  1. I love the way it is now scoops instead of comments! Maybe it has been like this for a while but Im slow on the uptake! So when will we be seeing a Murphys Icecream cozy? Sign me up for the first one! My ice cream doesnt last long enough to get cold fingers though! πŸ™‚

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