Georgina Campbell

Georgina Campbell's Ireland I’m delighted that both of our shops are included in the 2008 Georgina Campbell’s Ireland guide. You can read about their take on the Dingle Shop here…

Also, it seems our raspberry sorbet is good for the vocal chords! Roisí­n Ingle gave us a mention last Saturday in her column

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3 thoughts on “Georgina Campbell

  1. Congratulations! BUT… I am really, I mean, _really_ annoyed with Georgina Campbell and her team (or both). The review she gave the cafe where I work in her guide was both inaccurate (she referred to the menu we had 9 months ago, and has changed since, but she or her team has never bothered to come back and check ever since – but promised to do so), and full of typos… I mean, can you imagine an Irish guide misspelling of the name of the cheese “Cashel Blue”? Or canelli instead of Canellini? They could not spell the word “Valrhona” properly… Sorry, but I lost interest (and trust) in her guides completely, and I rely on customers’ feedback instead. Shame.

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